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Reflexology can be used to support your body when dealing with many common ailments. These include stress, migraines, restless leg syndrome, fatigue, pregnancy symptoms, insomnia, fluid retention, sinus troubles, Sciatica, back pain, shoulder & neck pain, knee ache, menopause, eczema, acne (skin trouble), diabetes, Sjogren’s Syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer diagnoses and treatments (enhance the immune system, increase energy levels, stimulate positive thinking, see quicker recovery times after surgery), and more… Your first session includes an important pre-treatment consultation and assessment of feet. During our consultation I will ask you a few questions, so I can better get to know you. Then it’s time for a bit of fun! You will get to choose an essential oil from a colored bottle. It will be applied to your feet and hands while you’re tucked up cozily on a massage bed, with the necessary support to ensure you will be comfortable for the duration of the treatment. Your Reflexology treatment stimulates your whole body’s vital organs by applying pressure on reflex points with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), chakra balancing and aromatherapy for relaxation. At the end of the session I will discuss your findings with you, some will resonate and some might not, and that is ok. A warm towel will then be wrapped around your feet to melt all of your tension away! It is bliss.


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