Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Best retention and best application lashes are found at Glamour FX. With over 9 years experience you sure came to the right place! Our thorough consultations will help you find the right look for you. The materials and the multiple sizes we carry are available from the smallest size to the largest size available. If you want short, medium or long eyelashes we will have what you look for.

Cashmere Lashes: The most comfortable material available. Its flexible texture makes it extra lightweight and its jet black color will give you the look of multiple mascara coats.

Faux Mink Lashes: Great for people exposed to high heat such as our bakers, chefs, cooking enthusiasts or people that blow dry their hair at very high heat.

Russian Volume: Double, triple, quadruple or MEGADUPLE your lashes with this material. We use extra thin and soft eyelash extensions to create fans of lashes and then we apply them one to one. The sky is the limit!

Siberian Mink: Made from natural fibers this material is extremely identical to human eyelashes. Not the best to hold the curl, yet extremely natural.