Henna Eyebrows Service
Henna Eyebrows Service

A Natural Alternative to Traditional Tint. No Chemicals or Oxidants Required to Activate. Non-permanent Service Giving Clients a Microblading Look Without The Commitment. 


How Long Does A Henna Brow Treatment Last?

Henna brow treatments often claim to stain the skin for up to two weeks and dye the hair up to six weeks. 

The Benefits Of Henna Brows

While henna may not be the right brow treatment for everyone, it can give you a nice shape and definition to the right skin and hair type.

It is a good solution for people who struggle to design and fill in their brows as it gives them a base shape to follow. It is especially good for clients with little or no hair on their brows. I actually used it when I had clients considering microblading as they could live with a ‘brow shadow’ for a few days to see if they like the shape.

I find henna suits clients with fine fluffy hairs the best. And the lighter colours contain no PPD. Henna can be a good choice for people with old permanent makeup or tattooed eyebrows that have changed colour. Henna can temporarily ‘freshen’ the brow colour up for a little bit longer.