6 In 1 Ultimate Body Contouring Training

6 In 1 Ultimate Body Contouring Training


Whether you are already in the beauty industry or your are thinking of a career change, our 6 in 1 body contouring class will get you to learn a new technique that will increase your revenue. Who doesn’t want to improve their body? The reality is that even people with minimum body fat still find there is always room for improvement. For people who are currently on a weight loose journey, body contouring services are the motivation and game changer to help them achieve their goals. That being said, your target market is a wide range of people both men and women at different points of their body transformation.


Why choosing Glamour FX?

Krystell, our trainer, not only has experience in the world of aesthetics but also holds a university degree and a Masters degree. While she was completing her higher education, she taught at York University and Ottawa University, where she learned how to create content for her students, adapt to different kinds of learning as well as important teaching skills.

How is your curriculum different than other schools?

We understand that there are a wide range of options and prices, however our classes are different because we only take a maximum of 2 students at a time. Even in our online classes, there won’t be a crowd and all the attention of our trainer will be focused on your learning. We teach how to do client consultations, how to use the machines, who is NOT a good candidate for the service, but also we’ll prepare you in knowing what happens when your machine breaks, compatibility of different brands, what happens when your client doesn’t see results, how to recognize different types of body fat and know what service to offer….

Are there any discounts?

Yes! this is always a great question. We offer 15% off on your second class, and 25% off your third class.
How often do you hold your classes?
Please call us at 613-413-8358 to book in your appointment. A $100 non-refundable/transferable deposit should be sent at glamourfx.ca@gmail.com to reserve the date or if payment is done in full through our website, we’ll call you on the same day to schedule you in.

Do people actually learn everything in your private classes?

Yes! We provide you with a friendly environment that focuses on your learning, your skill acquisition and you’ll have fun while doing it. Learning is always better when you enjoy what you do, and we enjoy teaching our classes. Want to take a peek? Click on the following video


-Principles of maderotherapy, laser lipo, cavitation, radio frequency, infrared therapy and vacuum butt lift
-maderotherapy for body sculpting
-maderotherapy post liposuction
-maderotherapy as lymphatic drainage
-maderotherapy for people with illnesses such as MS or water retention
-maderotherapy knowledge of the different tools, rolls, boards, etc..
-when not to do maderotherapy?
-cavitation on different body parts including different timings
-machine settings for cavitation option A and B
-where not to do cavitation
-laser liposuction
-timing, strenght and different types of fat
-combining laser liposuction with other contouring techniques
-laser lipo alone with other aesthetic modalities
-radiofrequency on body (medium and large probe)
-settings of the RF probes option A and B as well as strength
-intro to facial RF
-when not to use RF
-infrared therapy benefits by itself
-infrared therapy as part of a body contouring treatment
-settings and timings of your infrared therapy blanket
-vacuum butt lift 120ml, 160ml, 180ml, 240ml cups
-machine settings strength and release
-placement on different muscles of the butt to achieve different results
-timing when doing only vacuum butt lift and when you combine it with cavitation, infrared therapy, etc..
– body asymmetries for all techniques
-machine/tools care and sanitation
-pricing ideas
-overhead and preferred vendors
price: $2000 without equipment (if you require equipment we’ll connect you with the vendors)


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